Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Best Sounding Condenser Microphones On A Budget

This Is My Review On My Top Pick Condenser Microphone on a budget for vocals.

The Condenser Microphone I suggest every beginner who wants clean crisp ultra low noise recordings should have is the. RodeNT1-A. . This is the condenser microphone that changed my mixes to a level of sound quality I didn't even know I could produce. It cuts down on EQing the vocals so much when using this microphone. the vocals also seem to cut through the mix better too when I use this mic. Also the warmth and presence this microphone gives a vocalist is amazing. Plus this microphone is so quiet.. No audible hum or hiss. Just complete silence meaning less clean up on the vocals. No need for a noise gate with this Condenser Microphone.

Also this microphone is durable. I have had mines for almost 4 years. Its been dropped an abused a little but still works like a charm. Now I know what you may be thinking. "How is this a budget microphone at a $200 price tag. Well for $200 dollars you get the pop filter, a good shock mount, and quality cables. Now you can buy this microphone individually for a lesser price. Plus I've seen this microphone being sold used for around $80. Now that could be a gamble but if the microphone is still in good working order it could be a huge steal considering the quality of this microphone. I know there are cheaper Condenser Microphones that will get the job done but this is the Microphone you will buy when you get tired of not achieving that sound you ultimately are looking for from cheaper mics.

Now I have heard some reviews saying that the RodeNT1-A sounds thin. But mine does not. That could be do to a different interface or different preamps. In the past I've used the RodeNT1-A on a Art Tube Mp Preamp. Of course I changed the factory tube and replaced it with a groove tube but the sound was still warm and smooth and clear.

I highly recommend this amazing piece of audio equipment. It surpassed my expectations and showed me what a true quality studio condenser microphone is suppose to sound like. Thanks For reading my short review. Hopefully this helps you when choosing a quality microphone for your own studio.

Here's a live recording with the RodeNT1-A Just Listen For Yourself.

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