Monday, December 30, 2013

The Setup On A Budget For Recording And Producing Quality Music

I am no audio expert or guru but I have experienced a lot in my 10 years of recording and producing music. In this blog I will give my own personal experience with different studio equipment. From different mics to different software I used and enjoyed or not so much enjoyed lol. I also will try to keep you updated with the next best or latest gear that's out. So keep checking back and reading my blogs so I can hopefully share some knowledge or know how on any questions or problems you may have encountered while trying to setup your own Home Studio. Enough with the small talk let get to why you're reading this blog.

Now me personally when setting up a home studio first & foremost we most have a budget that needs to be figured into this. So I'm going to give you my idea of a quality budget home studio but at the same time will name other related products at lower or higher prices. The 2nd thing that comes into play is location. Now this very important but is a easy fix depending on if you care what the studio looks like.

But our goal hear is to Get Studio Quality Sound ! So here is my list of studio equipment I would get for a great Studio Sound.

1. Audio Interface

Well like me and you who are on a budget when it comes to choosing the right audio interface .. Yes of course we want the cheaper price, but we still want quality. So this is what I would do. Invest in a better preamp tube. Most cheap audio interfaces come with cheap preamp tubes.. The Audio Interface I would choose on a budget would have to be the Art MP Usb which sells for around $80-$100 (Maybe even cheaper used). Now this is a cheap but decent sound quality interface. Now add a better preamp such as the Electro-Harmonix 12AX7EH Preamp Tube and hear the big difference. This once mediocre audio interface now sounds like an more expensive one with just a $5-$15 upgrade. I would advise everyone who is on a tight budget to try this. From Vocalist, MCs, Producers and Djs. It worked wonders on my overall sound quality when I first was learning how to record music.

2. Microphone

When it comes to Studio Condenser Microphones. If you may not have of known.
All Mics are not great for every type of voice. Now we're not talking about the more expensive mics like: Telefunken, Neuman and the many more amazing top dollar mics that sound great all around. With my tone or voice which is a tenor mid range to mild high. For ex. T.I Wayne.. Now I don't rap like them just giving you and ideal of my vocal tone. With that being said hands down my choice would be the Rode NT1-A

With my experience with recording music and after using cheaper and more expensive Condenser microphones than the RodeNT1a. This microphone was the one mic that gave me the sound I truly wanted when it came to recording studio quality vocals from a Home Studio setup. To learn more about this Rode Mic click here.

3. Studio Monitors.

My studio monitors of choice on a budget would have to be the Cerwin-Vega XD3 Powered Desktop Speakers. They are some great little monitors. They produce pure clean crisp highs and mids. The low end isn't amazing but they will get the job done when it comes to mixing and mastering. Now their are other decent sounding speakers you could go with like Logitech Speakers, Bic Monitor Speakers, or M-Audio Monitor Speakers. But the Cerwin Vegas are clean and crisp and will make mixing and mastering easier. I would suggest getting a sub to get that full bottom end when mixing and mastering low bass frequencies.

4. Studio Headphones

When it comes to Studio quality headphones on a budget the thing you have to remember is most likely you will need a pair. One for the audio engineer and one for the artist who is laying down the vocals. My personal preference on a budget would have to be Sennheiser HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones (Black/Grey). Now I know what you're saying Dj Headphones. But these bad boys are crisp,clean and not to forget super quiet. The noise cancellation is outstanding. Perfect for a home studio.


Now this setup with a budget of around $500- $550 will get you that studio quality sound you are looking for on a budget. Now you don't have to follow my setup exact. Experiment with what works for you. This is a setup I used when I first got started and it was the first setup I had where I was actually amazed by the sound of my mixes and recording. This setup was put together with the idea that you already have a Pc or IMac,I DAW software to record, also a nice sound proof environment. And if you would like my preference on that I love the IMac or MacBook Pro. But a quality Pc can also produce great studio quality sound. I use Pro Tools and Fl Studio when using a pc. And I use Logic Pro when using a Mac.

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully I helped you with your own personal Home Studio. Please Comment Share And Like!

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